Never lose sight (band)

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Never Lose Sight are a five piece Post-Hardcore act based in Brisbane QLD Australia. They showcase heavy hearted music with catchy melodies and harmonies, demonstrating influences such as The Ghost Inside, For the Fallen Dreams, Misery Signals, It Prevails, A day to remember and Vanna.

Forming in 2009 the band produced a self titled EP (released independently). Never Lose Sight is currently completing their first full length album “Pride Fighter” produced by Dan Field of Studio 454. Their first music video (released in 2010) ‘Why Waste Forever’ has increased their fan base in anticipation for the new album and second music video release ‘Pride Fighter’.

With 3 years of experience under their belt, Never Lose sight have developed a solid local fan base and growing interest from out of state. Starting out as young, passionate, alternative musicians, the band has matured into producers of high quality music and live sets. The Band has supported acts such as For Today, 50 Lions, Mourning Tide, The Ailment, Nazarite Vow, In hearts Wake, Strength Through Purity, The War and Deceiver.

What make Never Lose Sight special are their positive messages, their catchy lyrics, their anthems, and their unique Post-Hardcore style. They produce fresh, hearty music and demonstrate a positive mental attitude to tackle life and its obstacles. Their live shows are notorious for being energetic with crowds often yelling the lyrics to whole songs, piling on top of each other for mic grabs, and singing choruses with unmatched passion.

Never Lose sight plan to tour their new album “Pride Fighter” throughout Australia in 2012

All photos by Mitch Fresta

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