Gluten Free?

"You say Geronimo Jerky is Gluten Free, but your packaging says it contains wheat. How can this be?"

As part of the packaging laws in Queensland, we need to specify every ingredient in our product.


We use Soy Sauce as an ingredient and within that soy sauce there is wheat. The soy sauce brand we use is the highest quality, naturally brewed and is already tested as being gluten free.

That is the ONLY place wheat is present on our Beef Jerky.

However when we dehydrate our marinade beef over a 16 hour period that amount of wheat in the soy sauce is reduced so much that it becomes untraceable by humans.

To prove this we had our beef jerky tested by DMG Microlabs. See results.

We have many people that ask us about this and we are very aware how important it is for people to be sure that our product is indeed Gluten Free.

We have never had any customers come back to us with stories of ANY negative reactions from eating our beef jerky.

That is from a gluten point of view anyway.

We get people all the time saying, "Woah, that Flamin is TOO hot!" or "Wow, I just can't stop eating your beef jerky, it's just too good!"